Hormones are little organic chemical substances produced by glands in the body. You would not think that “bio-identical,” which means “biologically the same as,” would be a necessary prefix, but it is, because hormones marketed by drug companies are mostly not identical. They are made from horse urine and other things.

A man or woman who opts for hormone replacement therapy to prevent effects of aging on the body will be bombarded with information about the risks of this or that or defense of synthetic hormones pushed by drug companies and it’s easy to become confused. But the facts are that synthetic hormones have side effects, and bio-identical hormones, properly prescribed and taken, do not.

Much research has been undertaken. A huge clinical study was done using Prempro – a synthetic hormone drug containing estrogen and progestin. Although women are prescribed this drug for years, even decades, the study was done for only one year.

According to the study, over one year, 10,000 women taking estrogen plus progestin might experience:

- Seven more would get heart disease than the placebo group.

- Eight more women got breast cancer.

- Eight more cases of stroke than women taking a placebo

- Eighteen more would suffer blood clots.

- Abnormal mammograms would increase.

The study found no increased risk of breast cancer or heart disease among women taking estrogen without progestin. Over one year, however, 10,000 women taking estrogen alone might experience:

- Twelve more cases of stroke than women taking a placebo

- Six more cases of blood clots in the legs than women taking a placebo

- Mammogram abnormalities increased.

The effect of hormone therapy on mammograms is important, because it suggests that women on hormone therapy may need more frequent mammograms and additional testing.

On the other hand, bio-identical hormones do not have these risks. The side effects are minimal. Doctors who prescribe bio-identical hormones are the doctors who thoroughly test each individual patient to determine what hormones need to be replaced and how much of each is needed. It’s not just a flat one size fits all as the drug companies insist. A program is made up for each patient, a program that will balance all the hormones in the body, not just sex hormones. And because the replacements are bioidentical, the body recognizes them as hormones.

The most successful applications involve balancing all the hormones of the body, not just sex hormones. So if you wanted to feel younger and dispense with symptoms of menopause and andropause and even aging, what makes sense? Of course, bio-identical hormones.

One of the most successful bio-identical hormone replacement programs is run by Dr. Anju Mathur at Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles. She treats each patient individually, and has had hundreds of successes.

You can enjoy your life more when you feel better! Have the energy and vitality you had in your 20′s and 30′s. Find out more – go to Angel Longevity Medical Center. Find out more about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

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