The breasts are important for the woman. This is how the mother will be able to give milk to her newborn baby. Studies have shown that the nutrients that come from breast mil are better than any solution in the market because this has antibodies which, makes the infant resistant against harmful bacteria and diseases.

When there is an overgrowth of cancer cells in the body, the chances are very high that the patient has breast cancer. When the patient has been diagnosed, action must be taken immediately so that this does not spread to other parts of the body which could already be too late.

Breast cancer is ranked second only lung cancer as the highest number of fatalities among women. Every year in the month of October, the world recognizes those who have fallen to this disease as scientists continue to find a cure.

The organizers of this event want to educate people about the sickness, how this can be detected and the types of treatment available. This drive has been going on for more than 20 years and will continue until breast cancer can be eradicated.

Some shows are done to fund breast cancer research, flyers are given out and organizers also work with various companies like those in the lingerie industry who manufacture and sell bras to women.

One of the best ways to make sure the person is safe is to have at least mammography screening done annually. This has been very helpful since it has increased the survival rate of those who have breast cancer.

Mammography performs two things. The first is to check if tumors are present. The machine is able to detect this even before the woman can feel anything on the breast. The second is to check if there are tiny specks of calcium which is also an early warning for those who are at risk of cancer.

Breast cancer will happen to those who have had this disease in the family. Women who have never bore children or gave birth after the age of 30 are also those who are potentially at risk.

Though this disease happens more to Caucasians than Africans or Asians, women should still do self examinations every so often with regular checkups with the doctor.

Self examinations are effective when the woman feels the breast in front of mirror, while in the shower or lying down in bed. The fingers must go through the area slowly and if there is any pain or lumps noticed, the person should go immediately to the doctor for proper diagnosis.

Breast cancer is classified into stages. This will depend on how large the area of the cancer is.

Breast cancer is not only the problem of those who are suffering from this disease because it is everyone’s problem. The person may have a friend, a mother or a sister who is potentially at risk from this disease.

The person can help out by donating a sum to one of the charitable organizations that does its share to fund research, participate in runs or competitions that also raise money and talk to those in government to increase the budget for healthcare.

Everyone should pitch in because until doctors are able to find a cure, women in the 30′s and 40′s are at risk to succumbing to this disease.

By: Carlos Montenegro

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