There have been a number of misconceptions about breast cancer. Primary among these is that pre-menopausal women aren’t at a significant risk of developing this type of cancer. However, the American Cancer Society revealed that this is the leading cause of death by cancer for women between the ages of 20 to 59 in the United States. Hence age is less of an indicator of risk for cancer of the breast than first thought to be. Increasing awareness of among all strata of women is the role of breast cancer bracelets.

Why breast cancer bracelets?

Cancer of the breast is an insidious disease affecting the lives of millions of American women today. Breast cancer bracelets help increase the awareness of the symptoms, causes and treatment in an effort to stem the disease before it gets to a critical stage. The legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor himself, once wore a yellow bracelet with the words ‘Live Strong’ at the Tour de France, to advocate the need for cancer survivors to overcome the disease and move on in life with faith and courage.

His example paved the way for pink bracelets to be worn at fund-raising events such as cancer runs and walks. Inspiring words such as ‘Hope’ or ‘Faith’ and ‘Courage’ are very often etched on the bracelet. Pink is the color of cancer of the breast awareness in the same way as red is stands for awareness of HIV and AIDS.

The corresponding ribbon is also pink in color. This beautiful shade of color was chosen for its liveliness and positive vibe to cancer sufferers. Hope is an essential element in the treatment of this cancer. With hope, cancer sufferers can look forward to a day when they will be cancer free. The absence of hope defeats even the best medical properties.

Pink is a lovely color often associated with women and by purchasing breast cancer bracelets, a portion of the money will be donated to research into the disease. The Cancer Research Foundation thrives on money generated through such generous contributions and has paved the way for new cures and treatment to help cancer sufferers manage and fight the disease.

These bracelets are now in the forefront of the battle against cancer. It’s a perennial message of hope and courage to cancer victims. You can do your part to raise awareness by promoting the use of attractive breast cancer bracelets.

By: Janet J Strauss

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