Tamoxifen is a unique drug that was created specifically to block estrogen and its actions, which is a leading cause of breast cancer. Because this works as an anti-estrogen on the breasts, it actually has an adverse effect on the female genitals and reproductive organs, heart, and bones. That is where most of the side effects come from when taking this medication: too much estrogen in the body. Tamoxifen is a breast cancer medication, which automatically sends up a red flag to many insurance companies. This medication may or may not be covered by your insurer, and you might have to fight to get it approved.

The active ingredient in this medication, paclitaxel, is designed specifically to stop the division and multiplication of the cancer cells, allowing the cancer to stop growing and eventually die. The problem with this and other cancer treatments is that the drug also affects healthy cells, which can cause weakness and other side effects of chemotherapy that cancer patients are told to expect. Like many cancer drugs on the market, Taxol and health insurance do not always go hand-in-hand. Taxol is specifically created to treat ovarian, breast, and lung cancer in patients, and can provide much needed relief from cancer symptoms and the spreading of the disease.

Insurance companies like hearing that certain cancers can be prevented, and are much more willing to spend a few thousand dollars on prevention than to spend up to 10 times as much on treatment of cancer and other diseases when they don’t have to. Tamoxifen is a great medication for all that it does, and if you need insurance coverage you need to know where to look. People who are taking Tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer will have a better chance of approval for coverage than people who are taking it to treat the disease.

In many cases, you can even talk to the drug company about getting on a program that will help you afford your medications. Of course, having private health insurance is always going to be easier and less hassle. Private insurance companies aren’t out to get you. They are just out to make a profit. Start by reviewing your own insurance company’s policies regarding cancer and preventative treatments. If you start out by knowing what they allow or expect, you will have less let-down and struggle later. If they don’t cover treatments like Tamoxifen, find a company that will.

When it comes to maintenance treatment and ongoing care for things like cancer and other chronic diseases, insurance companies lose a lot of money. If they spend months paying for expensive prescriptions that you need for your situation, they are losing profits because you are ill for a longer period of time. In most cases, insurance companies deny these medications because it simply costs them too much money to pay for them. Take the time to find out about cancer treatment options and prescription coverage when you are looking at health insurance so that you don’t find out that you aren’t covered when it is already too late.

Sean L Johnson is a journalist for Health Insurance Buyer a referral service that connects consumers to the insurance carriers that can best fit their wants or special needs. Click on link to access your free rate quote for a guaranteed issue health insurance plan

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