The sad truth is that not everyone, who undergo treatments for breast cancer, are able to survive. A lot of people die every year and there is very little we can do about it. That is why it is necessary to know more about breast cancer survival rates and what treatments you should then choose. The more you know about cancer the better your chances are.

The rates of survival certainly depends on many different factors and the more advanced the cancer is, the lower the survival rates are obviously. The breast cancer stages are the best way to determine the rate of survival for breast cancer patients.

For example Stage 0 means the cancer cells can only be found on the walls of the lump inside the breast and that the cancer is non-invasive. Stage 1 of breast cancer means that the cancer has become invasive already and that the tumor is around 2 cm long. Stage 2A means that the tumor is around 2-5 cm long.

Stage 2B of breast cancer means that the tumor is 2 cm long, but some auxiliary lymph nodes have been affected and if the tumor gets above 5 cm, then the cancer is already reached stage 3A. When the cancer has already reached the skin of the breast, then it has reached stage 3B. When already other organs of the body are affected then the cancer has reached stage 4.

The survival rates from diagnosis for 10-year period is around 76% and 5-year survival rate is 86%. Cancer patients that have metastatic, have a 5-year survival rate of 21% and without metastatic it is 96%. For example Stage 0 has a survival rate of 100%, like Stage 1, Stage 2A has 92%, Stage 2B has 81%, Stage 3A has 67%, Stage 3B has 54% and Stage 4 has only 20% survival rate.

The sooner you have been diagnosed the better you chances will be, as you can see and another way how your chances can be increased is with alternative cancer treatments. There are so many treatments that can either prevent cancer or increase your chances of survival.

By: Jaan Tamm

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