When a woman finds out that she has breast cancer, she is so stricken with emotion that breast reconstruction doesn’t even cross her mind. The number one concern is removing the cancer from the tissue. However, it has to come to the attention of many that patients aren’t being given their options when it comes to breast reconstruction. When considering breast cancer surgery in Dallas, it’s important to be given all of your reconstruction options.

The first option is to get breast reconstruction immediately after getting your lumpectomy. In this method, the surgeon excises all cancerous breast tissue. After the procedure, your breast might feel abnormal and they will lose their symmetry. Many patients resolve this problem by getting implants.

During a mastectomy, the entire breast is removed and most women will choose reconstruction for one or both breasts. About half of those who choose reconstruction will choose to go with breast implants. There is another option, where tissue removed from other parts of your body can be used to form the missing breast tissue.

You also need to decide when you would want to have reconstruction surgery done. The majority of women choose to have the procedure done immediately following the surgery that removes the cancer. However, tumors in advanced stages prior to surgery may require a series of radiation treatments, and that could delay the procedure to reconstruct your breast.

There are both positives and negatives to whether you choose immediately to reconstruct or delay the procedure. By postponing the procedure, you allow yourself more time to research and analyze which method is the right one for you. It also gives you time to focus on your treatments. Dealing with radiation treatments can be stressful enough. You don’t need to be putting added pressure on yourself by trying to figure out where you are going to have breast reconstruction in Dallas.

Unfortunately, if you delay your decision, you might find that it becomes harder to deal with the fact that you’re missing all or part of your breast. The general standard for most women is that the majority will choose to go with the immediate option. The major advantage to this is that you will appear balanced and symmetrical, just as you did before your mastectomy. When you choose to have your breast reconstruction in Dallas immediately, there’s no worry of further surgeries unless you should experience complications with your implant or new tissue.

No matter which option you choose in the end or your breast reconstruction in Dallas, it is important to talk it over with your doctor so all your questions will be answered. A reliable and professional breast cancer surgeon in Dallas will always be honest and open with you as you go through the process. Your surgeon should understand that this matter is of utmost importance to you and give you advice on which options will be better for you, and which ones are not.

A breast cancer surgeon in Dallas saves many lives when treating this disease. If you end up having to go through Dallas breast cancer surgery it’s beneficial to learn everything you can, and researching online is a great place to start.

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