Metastatic breast cancer is an advanced sort of the disease. Once the breast cancer cells go beyond the breast tissues, they enter the lymphatic system. Following that, they have access to all parts of the body. The breast cancer cells will start attaching to healthy tissues on organs like the lungs, liver, and brain. As the cancer cells begin to grow, they start to disease the healthy tissue they have found. At this point, fighting the disease becomes more difficult. Instead of fighting the cancer in a small-localized area, the fight has to go all over the body.

How do doctors know if it actually is metastatic breast cancer or not? The fact is that breast cancer localized to the breasts can have hardly any symptoms. One of the most typical ones is the lump which may appear. However, once a lump gets that big, the cancer may have gone beyond the breast tissue. Doctors who do surgery will analyze the tissue in the lymph nodes to see if the cancer is there. At this point, it may have gone to other points in the body. However, sometimes a breast cancer diagnosis goes the opposite way. A patient may have trouble breathing and the doctor may find cancer cells on the surface of the lungs. Tracing them back, they may find the cancer originated in the breasts.

What are the typical treatment choices when it comes to metastatic breast cancer? Every patient’s treatment plan will vary depending on the particular case. Chemotherapy and, from time to time, hormonal therapy are on the plan because the fight has gone body-wide. If there is substantial cancer growth in the breast or other body parts, surgery and radiation may also be part of the treatment plan. Doctors will also encourage the patient to seek support groups and potentially add other treatments to the plan to get through the worst of the treatment.

What is the prognosis of metastatic breast cancer? Survival rates rely heavily on the age and health of the patient. It also depends on the cancer spread.

While the average survival period after diagnosis is two years, that number continues to advance every year. New treatments and a better understanding of the disease are making that possible. Early detection is the best indicator of survivability with breast cancer. It is important to take positive steps to making sure to detect the disease early.

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