No matter how severe the breast cancer was or the ramifications of the treatment, the aftermath can be devastating. There are some choices each breast cancer victim must make, including how and when to return to a normal routine and other life choices.

After years of having your choices limited for you, getting a new lease in life may come as a surprise and an unexpected responsibility. You’d be surprised by how easily you tire, and this could influence how you act and decide on things such as which activities you should and could undertake. Getting a clean bill of health from your doctor is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean that you can get back to your old life in just a snap. Now it’s time to take another path on the road to recovery. After years of living with the burden of your illness, everything now may seem so light and easy, but once you hit the ground you’ll realize that a lot of debris had been left behind and you have to pick out the ones to throw and the ones you can still keep.

Some things in your life may now seem more important than they used to – and others may slide into obscurity as you rethink your life and your life’s goals. Once upon a time, your career may be the only thing you think about, but this kind of disease will open your eyes to the fact that nothing is more important than your family. This change in your perspective may affect even the littlest aspects of your life. Expectations of what you’ll be able to do could crash in mid-flight as you realize that you’re not going to bounce back to your energetic former self just because the treatments are over.

Your family may also need to be educated about the aftermath of breast cancer and how quickly you might be expected to reach a total recovery. Nobody goes through breast cancer unscathed. You may have lost all your hair during your chemo sessions, but you’ll recover them. But you may never see the world the way you saw it before your sickness. Even your bodily functions may be affected, leaving your emotions and your perceptions swinging for unexpected reasons. You may find that you’re more into fitness and healthy living, you may also find that you are more careful and more caring of your relationships. You’ll have more space for other people now, and everyday normal thing like sex may come back to you – like how you haven’t got any for so long. Your relationships with other people may also be affected by the drugs you’re taking, so you might have to be extra careful with how you deal with people. Chemotherapy sessions my cause you to have a “chemobrain,” this means you have a difficult time concentrating and may have some memory lapses. The biggest after-effect it has is coping with the fatigue brought about by your chemotherapy sessions, and maybe the biggest hurdle you will have to overcome. It’s quite natural that you would want to get your old life back as soon as possible and engage in all the activities you’ve done before. But you’ll soon realize that the idea is just not feasible. You would need months just to recuperate, this should give you time enough to evaluate your life and decide where you’re heading. It will be easier if you go with the flow and give vent to your feelings.

And now that you’re no longer so focused on keeping yourself alive, you might remember other things – such as sex and how long you’ve gone without. Part of your recovery may include medicine, this may have an effect on your hormones and how you may associate with other people. If you notice yourself frequently forgetting things and have a hard time focusing on something, then you may have a “chemobrain;” a usual side-effect of undergoing chemotherapy sessions. You will also be feeling very tired all the time, you’ll find that it can be very frustrating to have your movements so very limited. You’ll want to jump right in after treatments and immediately begin to take care of your family and home. It’s just not reasonable to think that you can. Recovering from breast cancer will take months, giving you plenty of time to rest and think on how you want to proceed with your life. You’ll be able to recover faster if you are willing to accept the different emotions that you are going to feel. Get all the rest that your body needs, don’t mind people who think they know better – because only you know how you really are. You’re the only one responsible for yourself.

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