The breast cancer foundation in Highlands Ranch has one mission. It is to save the lives of women by detecting this disease early. This is achieved by offering mammograms, increasing awareness through educational campaigns, and providing support for women who have it. This disease is characterized by the presence of malignant cells in the breasts.

The disease is medically classified as heterogeneous. This signifies that is it characterized by a variety of tumors and that it affects women of all ages, races, and cultures. When a woman hears that she has a tumor, she is obviously shocked and scared. However, this does not necessarily mean the condition is terminal. This is when a BCF (Breast Cancer Foundation) can provide her with much support.

When a tumor has been diagnosed as malignant, a BCF will help the woman to make the right decision regarding early treatments options. Women find this support mentally and psychologically empowering. Her family members are also shown how to deal with the situation. In the unfortunate case of death, the BCF will support and counsel the family during bereavement.

BCFs are unable to function without support from the business sector and the public. People can help by offering to do voluntary work, help in awareness campaigns, or by making donations. All money goes into research initiatives to find better ways of detecting the disease and new treatments. Because this type of cancer is a life-threatening condition, efforts are relentless.

Educational campaigns include the importance of self-examination of the breasts. Women need to understand the shape, appearance, and texture of their breasts so that any abnormality is easily detected. This facilitates early treatment which is crucial.

There are some typical warning symptoms such as pain, nipple discharge or tenderness, lumps, dimples, redness, or swelling. If any of these are present, a doctor should be consulted right away. When tumors are discovered early, the majority of women can continue to live healthy, active, normal lives. It does not mean that a mastectomy is on the horizon.

The breast cancer foundation in Highlands Ranch also endeavors to make women aware of a Bill of Rights. The gist of this bill is that every woman has the right to have screening and treatment, irrespective of whether they can afford it or not. Furthermore, any woman who has been positively diagnosed with breast cancer should have access to quality medical services. It also states that women who have mastectomies and reconstruction have the right to insurance coverage.

breast cancer foundation Highlands Ranch

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