There are some things that most of us would rather not feel. But, we can rest easy knowing that at some point in our lives, those feeling will go away and we can go on to live successful, long and happy lives. Most of those feelings come from instances like the first time your heart was broken, the death of a beloved pet or the dreaded words from your doctor saying “breast cancer treatment”.

There really are some amazing set of statistics. By some statistics, the odds of surviving 5 years or more when getting breast cancer treatment for the average woman is:

100% at Stage I, 92% at Stage IIA, 81% at Stage IIB, 67% at Stage IIIA, 54% at Stage IIIB and 20% at Stage IIII

Be aware that age plays a significant factor. The percentages for long term survival are much lower in women diagnosed after the age of 65. These numbers reflect the majority of women, women who are diagnosed between the ages of 35 and 60.

Put another way that may be a little easier to understand, when they say early detection and treatment is key, they mean it. These are the percentages of surviving 5 years or more based on when the breast cancer is diagnosed. When the cancer is still localized (confined to primary site) the survival rate is 98%. When it is regional or it has spread to regional lymph nodes the survival rate is 83%. However cancer that has metastasized or spread to other parts of the body the survival rate is only 23%.

It will usually be within 2 years if a reoccurrence of breast cancer is going to happen and that is what makes the 5 year survival rate so amazing. As is typical with most cancers, the person is generally considered cured if a reoccurrence hasn’t happened within 5 years and for every year after that without a reoccurrence means it is most likely the cancer will not return.

The prognosis for breast cancer survival for men is the same as the age group for women at the time of diagnosis. The top breast cancer treatment centers in Colorado can help you get the education, early detection and awareness you need. Breast cancer occurrence is second only to lung cancer among women. However, breast cancer has a much better survival ratio and much better treatment than lung cancer. It is worth your time to become more aware of it since it is such a huge risk.

Genetic risks, family history and determining the best time to get your annual mammogram is just a few things you should talk to your doctor about. Getting the best and latest diagnostics and treatment options available to help detect and treat breast cancer can take that dreadful, empty feeling and turn it into a survivor story with a “happily ever after” ending.

One step every woman should take to stay healthy is finding the top place to get a mammogram in Denver. Porter Adventist Hospital is a Denver hospital that offers compassionate care and a knowledgeable staff to help you stay healthy and happy.

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