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Im sort of freaking out. a lil bit.
Im turning 14 in like 11 days.
And quite a few women in my family history have had breast cancer…1 aunt has died from it. My mom had a breast cancer lump a few years back and had to get it removed. But anyways… I was wondering if my symptoms could be breast cancer symptoms.
My cup size is 34C. My nipples arent like… grown? If thats the word. The nipple hasnt gotten like… big. The are little. And when my breasts are warm they kind of point out.. and when im cold, of course they harden. But in my nipples i have like cracks inbetween them. Like my nipple looks like puckering-lips or something. Inbetween the ***** some white stuff will come out, not liquid tho. But, just a few minutes ago i was likee getting rid of the hard stuff… just rubbing my finger against it and kind of sliding it off… then i saw a little bit if this clear shiny stuff in the “Crack”… so i smelt it and it smelt kind of sour.
And, whenever i have no bra on with a tshirt or something, and i lie on my back for a while, and stand up, my breasts start to hurt, and when i touch them, it hurts. but it eventually goes away.

Sorry it was so long.
I know its probably like impossible to get it at my age, but you never know???

So could this possibly be breast cancer? Because i was looking up the symptoms, and it said something about the nipples puckering in and discharge coming out.
And, it wasnt alot of discharge coming out, just a lil bit.

I really hope i dont have it now nor will i get it in the future…

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