Question by Angie: Breast cancer discussion?
Treatment for breast cancer has progressed rapidly in the last 15 years, but prognosis is still mixed and depends on several factors, including the stage at which the cancer is found, as well as the type of breast cancer since some are more aggressive than others.
If someone in your family has been found to carry a mutation in either BRCA1 or BRCA2, would you get the test? Would you get your children tested if you have them? Whether or not you got the test, would you change how you live your life? Would you change your mind about having children? (or having additional children if you already have some)?

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Answer by Denisedds
No one under 18 can get tested so having children tested is a mute point and simply have someone in your family test positive also does not fit the criteria.
If I tested positive what I would do would depend on which one I tested positive for.

Agree or disagree? Leave your own thoughts below.

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