Question posed by Dancer!: Breast cancer. Symptoms..?
So i know i need to go to the doctor for a check up. Just a few questions though.
So my right breast is larger then my left. Tremendesouly. and it hurts.
Both are sensitive on my period but the right one has stretch looking crevices and is kinda swallon at the top when i go to touch it. or do the three step tecnique for checking my breasts for cancer. The top is harder and kinda bumpy. My left is perfectly fine. Are these symptoms?!
iI’m only 16.. But i want to know!

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Answer by Tarkarri
By all means get the Dr to check your breasts as part of your routine check-up, this is a good habit to get into.

Having said that, nothing you are describing sounds like anything other than normal teenage developing breasts.

It is not recommended that you start performing self checks until 20 as your breasts are so changeable before that there is no “normal” for you to compare with.

Good luck at the check-up.

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