A question from Knowledge is Power: Breast Cancer Symptoms…Are tingling, swelling and pain all symptoms?
I keep thinking that one breast is larger… and that it must be a lump, but my husband says he doesn’t see any difference.
Can one breast increase in size as woman ages? Is this normal? This same breast feels tender, swollen, and often shoots out nerve pain (tingling sensation), to my arm, back and left rib cage area… I don’t feel a lump, but the breast seems to be getting heavier. I want to believe it is my imagination, or maybe a swollen mammary gland, or something neurologic… but I know I should have it checked no matter. I had a Mammogram in my late 20′s, about 10 years ago and they laughed at me and told me I was wasting my time, that I was too young. It hurt like hell too!

Since I’m currently uninsured, I’m terrified of the potential expense, and have not been able to find a free clinic in So. California that performs Mammograms, believe it or not. Although Breast Cancer doesn’t run in my family at all, (but fibroids do), I’m still pretty scared. Please help!

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Answer by Praire Crone
You need to go to a Doctor and if I was you I’d try to get in soon. I had breast cancer five years ago and didn’t have any symptoms. It was found by a mammogram. But your problem could be just about anything so see a Doctor is a must. It probably won’t just go away. Just go to the free clinic and explain that you can’t afford to pay for a mammogram. Here in Montana there is a state fund that the clinic can ask to pay for a mammogram for low income women. Maybe you could call a local hospitol and find a breast cancer group that pays for them. Good Luck and go to the Doctor!!!!!!

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