Question posed by Andy: Breast cancer treatment…Canada or Taiwan?
Hi everybody,

My wife is from Taiwan and has a breast cancer. She is 32 years old.

Base on survival rate, wich one is the best for her treatment : Canada or Taiwan?

Big Thanks Hanora. It’s good to hear.

Best answer:

Answer by hanora
Sorry Andrew for your wife’s situation. It is especially distressing when breast cancer occurs in such young women.

I think it depends on where your wife lives in Canada. I was treated at Princess Margaret in Toronto which is a major cancer treatment centre. My treatment was timely and excellent. But there are parts of Canada that are remote and do not have local cancer specialists. I really can’t speak about the situation in Taiwan.

I don’t think you are going to have much luck with finding comparative survival rates because there are just too many variables. There are many forms of breast cancer and there are assorted stages and grades, plus various hormone receptors and HER2 status. For some types like HER2 treatment has improved so dramatically that survival statistics are meaningless.

I think your wife should be treated where she feels most comfortable. For information I think is the best site.

Good luck.

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