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okay i have found 2 lumps in my breasts, and also recently i started having these freckles growing on my breasts, especially around the areola. there many, like at least 13 on my left and about 6 on my right breast. i told my doc about the lumps and he is sending me of for a mammogram. but i read somewhere that the freckles could be a rare type of breast cancer, could this be true? if they are cancerous, could it be possible that the lumps are a different type of cancer? sorry if this is confusing, but i don’t really understand if it is possible that i could have the ‘skin-type of breast cancer, because i read up that it is usually without lumps. thanks for any answers
sorry for the confusion, as english is not my first language. however, i found out they are not freckles after all, but growths of skin not skin tags either, but more moles. please let us not insult each other over this! i do appreciate the answers i have received, based on personal experience and clinical experience. and on the having children yes i did have them close together, but i did not breast feed any of them. i do regular checks on my breasts every 2 weeks, and i did not notice any lumps before. that is why i did notice the change.
and also on the rare type of cancer it was called ‘paget disease’ and usually there is underlying breastcancer involved in it too.
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