Question by mom of 4: could it be breast cancer?
okay i have found 2 lumps in my breasts, and also recently i started having these freckles growing on my breasts, especially around the areola. there many, like at least 13 on my left and about 6 on my right breast. i told my doc about the lumps and he is sending me of for a mammogram. but i read somewhere that the freckles could be a rare type of breast cancer, could this be true? if they are cancerous, could it be possible that the lumps are a different type of cancer? sorry if this is confusing, but i don’t really understand if it is possible that i could have the ‘skin-type of breast cancer, because i read up that it is usually without lumps. thanks for any answers
sorry for the confusion, as english is not my first language. however, i found out they are not freckles after all, but growths of skin not skin tags either, but more moles. please let us not insult each other over this! i do appreciate the answers i have received, based on personal experience and clinical experience. and on the having children yes i did have them close together, but i did not breast feed any of them. i do regular checks on my breasts every 2 weeks, and i did not notice any lumps before. that is why i did notice the change.
and also on the rare type of cancer it was called ‘paget disease’ and usually there is underlying breastcancer involved in it too.

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Answer by Trina
Your doc is doing the right thing sending you for a mammogram. however ask for a mri or ultrasound too. my mom got mammo’s every year. she found lumps and they turned out to not be cancerous. she also had an area of thickening around the lumps, she said it felt dense, like when you’re lactating and your breasts are full of milk. however her doctors all said it was nothing to worry about. but she pushed for tests and finally they did a biopsy of the lumps, (not cancer) but had them removed anyway. when the docs removed the lump, they also took out some of the supposed “not harmful” dense tissue around it, and that turned out to be a cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma, which accounts for 10 to 15 % of breast cancers, but which is almost always undetectable by mammogram. It can cause puckering of the skin, darkening of the pigment, freckles, etc….around the area of thickening. My mom had a fairly large tumor and when they removed her breast, they removed i think 21 lymph nodes and 20 had cancer. however, her bone scan and organ scan came back clear. she just had her 2nd chemo treatment, and has 4 more to go, then she will have radiation for almost a month (minus weekends). she just turned 50 this year. Our family has no history of any cancers. We have no idea what caused it, but she thinks possible hormone drugs she took, or when she had me 30 years ago they gave her pills to dry up her milk as she didnt breast feed, and maybe that caused it. If you do happen to have this type of cancer, but you dont feel that thickening yet, then its a good sign because it is still small, and unlike the cancer that causes lumps, this cancer spreads slower than that. So please please please demand the MRI or ultrasound. We had never even heard of this cancer until mom had it. And she has mammograms every year. she was diagnosed 3 months ago, had the masectomy 2 months ago, and just started back to work 2 days ago. she is doing really well. It is not a death sentence like it was years ago. I really hope it is nothing and you dont have to go through all that. But if it is it’s better to find out now instead of later. My moms was likely growing for years and years. If you need to talk more about it or have any questions you can message me. Good luck with everything!! xo

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