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A question from Mary-Joan S: Does anyone know what treatment Suzanne Summers rec’d for the breast cancer she had?
Suzanne Summers had breast cancer and according to all reports, she is cancer-free now. (She was diagnosed in 2001). I would like to know what alternative cancer treatment she received? My sister has breast cancer and we are looking at alternative treatments. Thanks!

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Answer by notalonewithcancer
Ms. Summers, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2001, chose a controversial route of treatment that included conventional medicine lumpectomy and radiation therapy, along with a daily injection of Iscador she learned to give herself in the abdomen. The controversy that ensued was not simply over the use of Iscador, but her rejection of chemotherapy, which was widely recommended by her doctors for the type of estrogen-dominant breast cancer she had.

I know a lady who gives herself Iscador injections for her lung cancer, she is doing well on it but also received conventional therapy.

Good luck to your sister.

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