Question by sunshine: Does biology have anything to do with Breast Cancer?
I believe that studies of heredity and genetics in Biology is somewhat connected to Breast Cancer symptoms. My friend thinks that its more on the Physiology/Anatomy side? Who is right and why?

The No 1 answer:

Answer by Raymond H.
Does it have ANYTHING to do with it? Of course. What doesn’t really have anything to do with another, if you really think about it? Besides, there really isn’t a right or wrong to it. Biology and other fields of science as well as all other subjects are simply general names given for those areas of study. They don’t really mean anything. You just have to learn the subjects, learn about, in this case, breast cancer(and everything else) and experience more and more and you will define it on your own. Why listen to what names others give things when you have a mind of your own? Use it or lose it=]

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