A question from CaptainGuineaPig: Gluten allergy causes breast cancer?
I have an aunt who is on a “gluten-free” diet and she swears by it. She says that she tested positive for a gluten allergy, and says that it is a type of autoimmune disease. She has never had cancer (*knock on wood*) but she told me that gluten was poisoning her, and that gluten sensitive people can develop cancer as a result of eating gluten. Before she stopped eating gluten she had weird symptoms: tired all the time, feeling sluggish, and others… but she swears that they have all gone away since she started this diet. Is it true that gluten can cause breast cancer or autoimmune disease in people with the allergy?
She says that gluten is a poison to the system in people who are allergic and that it can eventually kill an allergy sufferer unless they give it up… I am not sure who is wrong or right but I have no idea what to believe.

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Answer by rhsaunders
Gluten allergy is a real problem; I have a relative who has it. But there is no known connection between it and any sort of cancer.

Whether you agree or disagree, why not leave your own thoughts below.

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