Question posed by Luz1219: How do i raise money for my moms BREAST CANCER TREATMENT?? HELP?
On Friday afternoon i got a call from my sister and tld me my moms breast cancer screening came out positive. First i started to cry and then i began to worry about my parents finances my dad hasn’t worked for years due to being disabled at his former job and they have no medical insurance. I have decided to try to raise some money for her treatment, i just need some ideas and be pointed in the right direction.

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Answer by A A
For starters, I would check with the hospital she will getting treatment–sometimes they can help people who are unable to pay full price. If your parents are low income, they may qualify for medicaid or some other govt program, particularly since your father is disabled. You can call the Am Cancer Society 24/7 (1-800-227-2345) for list of national & local resources. Some drug companies can help with meds, some organizations can help with other costs. Sometimes there are transportation help, either through ACS or other organizations. It can take some searching, but help can be found.

As to fundraisers, if your parents are well known in their community, or are regulars at certain restaurants or businesses, and your parents are ok with it, you might ask them to hold a fundraiser dinner or something, with the tips or a percentage of profits going to your mom’s treatment. Good luck & my best wishes to your mom!!!

If you know better then please let us know below.

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