A question asked by caitig90: How does breast cancer affect the body?
I’m doing a bio paper on breast cancer and i know the symptoms that they check for to diagnos u with breast cancer but i don’t know how cancer really affects the body. Like what would it do if left untreated.

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Answer by Alan
The American Cancer Society probablly has online materials on this, however cancer when it is ‘localized’ (meaning it has not spread) is not the big issue (when it is found like this, ‘cure’ or success rates are high). It is only when it spreads (called metastasis) is the issue. Because when this happens the cancer cells are basically free and start impacting other body organs. Typically cancer likes to do this via the lymph node system (where it can travel it like a highway to other body organs)

For example say the breast cancer decides to metastasis and it goes to the brain or liver, etc. When it starts to form tumors on these organs it causes problems. For example my mom’s ovarian cancer created some new tumors on ther intestines and it created a bowel blockage where she can’t digest food.

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