Question posed by May Kadoody: Is anyone else upset that breast cancer is the only publicized awareness month?
I’m all for cancer awareness but why is breast cancer the only publicized cancer awareness month? Many people suffer from all types of cancer daily and I’ve had family suffer from both Leukemia and Pancreatic Cancer. It’s seems that if a celebrity is diagnosed with a cancer or has died from a cancer that’s the only way awareness will be publicized. Now that Patrick Swayze has passed I’m sure Pancreatic cancer will be well known coming this November (Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month) Does anyone agree?

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Answer by lollipop
One theory is that breast cancer has more survivors than most other cancers, so more people to form support groups and to be be activist for the disease. Not a whole lot of lung cancer survivors. I feel a little left out of the awareness hoopla.

Agree or disagree? Leave your own thoughts below.

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