A question asked by rsrv0216: is my breast cancer essay good?
Many men and women suffer from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a hereditary disease in which cells divide in an uncontrollably way in the breast. Men are less likely to get it than women. In fact every women is in risk of this disease.

One of the things that can cause this disease is having an early menstruation. Having a member of the family with this disease can cause breast cancer as well. Another cause of this disease is growing older. You might want to check your diet closely because having a high fat diet causes cancer too.

There are many preventions to breast cancer like eating healthy food or exercising. Having a mammogram can’t prevent it but if you do this every year the doctors can detect if you have breast cancer at an early time which is good. You can also prevent breast cancer by avoiding alcohol. Also every time you buy deodorant check that it is aluminum-free. Remember that even tough you do all this things you still have a minor risk of getting breast cancer.

The treatments for breast cancer are many but they depend on how bad the patient is. One of the most common is the chemotherapy. Radiation is a common treatment too.

Remember breast cancer can be very harmful or it can be almost nothing but it is important for you to know the causes preventions and treatments of it. Just remember to have a healthy life and you might survive!
should i change something?
sorry its soo long

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Answer by AZ122
very good but if it is supposed to be a five paragraph essay not just an essay about it, try making the paragraphs more equal. especially the last two. They have the ideas needed in a paragrpah, just elaborate more.

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