Question by Txlonestargal’s Page 1: Looking for information on Breast Cancer Treatment from the 1900′s to the present for a Girl Scout Badge.?
I really need sources on where to find information about Breast Cancer Treatment from the 1900′s to the present. We are doing a Camp for the Cure and part of the badge work for “In the Pink” says to share the information about treatments from the 1900′s to the present. We are making poster for the local Race for the Cure in October. I really need some kind of information. My web searches have come up with little especially for the 1900′s. Most refer me to medical journals which you have to be a medical professional and pay for the subscription online.

Really need the medical treatments. I know the patient’s first hand experience is great for them to know, but we have ladies coming in to talk to them about this part of the treatments. We need more of a timeline on the progress of treatment from the 1900′s to the present.
All the information that is on the Girl Scout Studio 2B is at my finger tips all the time since I am serving as an Adult volunteer for a Camp Events Committee for the local council. I have already Googled and have most of the sites suggested bookmarked. I was trying to find something new. What was the technology, resources, and if they didn’t know exactly what it was what did they do in the 1900′s?

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Answer by Verite R
Good luck with your project.

If you go to you will find a lot of information written by patients about the day-to-day treatments they have from 2000 – 2009. This covers what they feel and experience, rather than the official medical writing!

|Hope it might help a little.

Verite R

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