Question by ashleigh2501: National Breast Cancer Month,How are you contributing or donating to the cause?
Some people donate and contribute in diffrent ways. Whether its a monatary donation or a walk for the cure, everybody can do a small part to help such a devastating illness. If you know someone that have breast cancer, kind words or calling frequently to check up on them to see how they are doing is doing a big part, of helping women or even men because they get breast cancer to, but mostly women to fight breast cancer. They need encouragment to know that somebodys in their corner helping and cheering them on, as they agree to fight this instead of giving up. Dealing with any illness is tiring. But with encouragment and caring, we can help these women beat this illness and get on with their lives.

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Answer by Panda
I already feel that breast cancer has enough research, donations, and attention devoted to the disease. I certainly do not wish this disease on anyone, but truthfully I have a son with a childhood cancer which receives no research funding at all. He has been battling his disease for two years and there are no more treatment options for him, not because he is too sick . . but because there is no funding and no research. His life is at risk directly because of that lack of research. And, unfortunately, the reality is because other cancers, such as breast cancer, have already taken from the public those research dollars that might have been used for sarcoma or other cancers.

I wish no ill on anyone . . but I feel that the current empasis on breast cancer is starting to harm other types of cancer research . . young adults with sarcoma are dying. they do not have access to support, or ribbons, or the public eye because they die before anyone can organize anything.

That is the reality that we face, so I cannot ‘support’ a breast cancer month as long as their are inequalities in funding research. I do support and wish only the best to those women fighting breast cancer as individuals . .I just won’t financially support an organization that I feel is beginning to harm other types of cancer research.

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