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Question posed by SIMON B: NHS spend on testicular and prostate Cancer compared to Breast and cervical ?
Me and the wife were having a discussing about the relative nhs investment and mortality rates of male and female cancers (as she is a school nurse assistant). I maintain that male cancers (testicular / prostate) are not taken as seriously as female cancers (breast and cervical) and have less investment in them. Does anyone know if there is a disparity between the four cancers and why this is the case?

Please don’t cloud the issue by telling me that men suffer with breast cancer, I know!

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Answer by Verite R
This is a very interesting question, and when you get your answers would like it if you would post a comment on

Am writing this web site to help fellow breast cancer patients, as I have found many clinically trialled products that can help us deal with hormonal drug side effects, but doctors often don’t have time to discuss these.

When I was nicely taken to task by a male browser, who told me that men also suffer from side effects of hormonal drugs – dry skin, loss of sight, etc. So it now has a Men Only section!

Verite R

Whether you agree or disagree, why not leave your own thoughts below.

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