Question by Cleopatra VII: Question about breast cancer?
What are the chances that a diagnosis about worst type of breast cancer can be proven wrong after the biopsy?
I forgot to say…I’m asking about a relative of mine, not me.
My aunt was clinically diagnosed and we are waiting for the biopsy results to come out…meanwhile I’m asking if I should prepare myself for the worst…

The best answer:

Answer by Susie Q
Usually a biopsy can show positive results when tested.
I had a biopsy when diagnosed with breast cancer.
Usually diagnose will not be told before biopsy is done & results come back.
They know what type of breast cancer is present with testing breast cancer.
I was diagnosed with Ductal Incarcinoma Insitu They knew what type it was.
Do not pay attention to any user who tells you to use nolvadex . They are trying to sell product They are not doctors
No don’t prepare your self for the worst .
The treatments they have for breast cancer today is amazing.
What type of breast cancer was she clinically diagnosed with.
If it has gone into her lymph nodes more treatment will be involved.
If she is early stages she has a very good chance of surviving.
A mammogram is used for breast cancer but biopsy usually tells all
My oncologist told me I had breast cancer for two years before being diagnosed.

If you know better then please let us know below.

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