A question from VCL: Question about breast cancer treatment and working?
I am a nurse who works in a General surgery and Breast Clinic. I see patients before and after surgery, including patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Now, I find myself to be one of them. I am currently taking chemo for my breast cancer and will be losing my hair in the next couple of weeks. I think I am prepared for it. I’ve bought a wig and have a collection of caps, scarves and hats. At first, I planned on wearing my wig on the days I am working, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me that wigs can get pretty hot to wear, and with Spring here and Summer coming…. I have been re-thinking that decision. I will never go out in public with a bald head, but am planning on always wearing at least a cap. I am curious about what people really think about going in to see a doctor and have the nurse who checks you in wearing a cap or scarf to cover a bald head? Would you be concerned about having a “sick” nurse take care of you? One of my co-workers said she thought that my breast patients especially would probably really respect me. But on the other hand, if they are there to be told about a new diagnosis of breast cancer, would it make them feel worse to see a nurse and be reminded that they too, will loose their hair going through the chemotherapy?
Thanks for your time and thoughts to answer my question.

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Answer by iceman
I dont think it would bother me at all..

Actually, if anything it would probably make you feel a little more at ease. Knowing that the person treating you knows exactly what you will be going through.

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