A question asked by ….: So I’ve asked this before but still unsure of breast cancer symptoms?
When i feel around my left chest i feel somewhat of a bump. Though i’m not sure if that’s just what’s normally inside the breast area. I don’t really want to go see a doctor and have them feel around my breast if i don’t think its that bad or i might not even have it.
My left breast right now hurts a bit just a little maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Im thinking it maybe could be cause i don’t drink enough water so i get a lot of different weak small pain areas?
So how do I know if it’s serious, how long does it take for breast cancer to become severe that you 100% know something is wrong in that area?

I need advice.

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Answer by sara
if it does itch …relax but dr./lady dr may be consultd

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