A question from Audrey H: Tumor Found in Supraclavicular Node 8 months after breast cancer treatment, could this be metastasis? ?
Diagnosed March 2007 with Stage 1 breast cancer, right breast. Axillary node removed, negative for cancer. Went through chemo and radiation, finished in February 2008. Went to follow-up October 13, first time for follow-up needed a break from doctors for a while. Complained of pain which I have had for the last 2-3 months from top of right breast to over shoulder and down the back. Sono showed tumor in supraclavicular node, right side. I have a CT scan on Thursday the 30th.
What does a CT scan show? Being that I just finished cancer treatment seems metastasis is the likely answer?

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Answer by Panda
Hopefully it will turn out to be benign or something different, but yes metastasis is always a worry once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.
Cancer can be very deceptive. A CT will give a better image of the tumor or spot and also may give indication if there are any more tumors to be seen. Be persistent about this . . you need to know exactly what you are dealing with. Also if this turns out to be nothing it is always a good idea to have CT or even a PET scan to use as a ‘baseline’ . . the doctor needs to have the scans to compare every three to six months to make sure the cancer is gone or to measure tumor shrinkage or track relapse.

Good luck and stay strong.

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