Question by Tin G: what are the causes of breast cancer for the women, if not from the genes?
My sister- in- law survived from breast cancer 3 yrs ago, but she got no idea where she got it. They dont even have a history of any type of cancer in teh family. Today My Mom, sufferring from cancer to the cervix, we dont ahve any cancer history in the whole family. I dont like to have cancer like them, but I am always thinking that no body is safe from cancer. Esp breast cancer.

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Answer by knittinmama
There are a lot of unknown reasons why someone gets cancer. Only a very small percentage is genetic. My aunt, sister and I all have had breast cancer and it wasn’t the due to the BRCA1 BRCA2 genetic mutation.

There could be environmental reasons that haven’t been discovered yet, or foods, additives, plastics, etc that they just don’t know about…

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