Question posed by : What are the symptoms of Breast Cancer?
im so upset and i cant stop thinking about it or crying. im only 12 and i cant tell anyone, but i have these reddish orange blotches all over both of my breasts. i dont know if my breasts are growing or not, what are the symptoms, i have no sorness, or anything, just blotches i dont no how long this has went on for, but its been at least a year now. what are the symptoms?

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really dont want to worry you as you are so young but heres a little info for you, i advise you see your doctor its best to be safe and if its nothing then at least you have peace of mind
Changes in Texture and Color
Another symptom that young women who have breast cancer may experience is the change in the texture as well as the color of the breasts. They may observe that the color of their breasts have transformed into red or may be pink in color. The change in color may occur either on the entire breast or only on certain area of the skin. Scarring may occur on the breast giving the skin an orange color. Other than changes in the texture and color of the breasts, another sign of breast cancer in young women is the indentations on the breast or in the area above the breasts.

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