Question posed by Ajman: What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

I m 22 year old & mother of 2 year boy & he is on breast feed. from last night i m having pain in my left breast , even i touch it. Is this something related to cancer (God forbidden). If not than why i m having this type of pain, This is not a gasteric pain. Nobody has hurt that breast. Somebody help me plz, i m so worry. Also suggest how can i get rid of this pain. Thanks 2 all in advance

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Answer by Mandee
I’m sorry but if your in that much pain and you are that scared maybe you need to go and speak to a doctor…
It dosent matter what anybody on here says, in the end its what they know or what the have experienced, every person is different, the only way to get a answer and the right answer is to see a doctor.

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