Question posed by Paula: What causes Breast cancer?
Is there anything exactly that causes breast cancer in young women?
Is caffeine a big cause? I love coffee, but I drink alot of it and wonder if caffeine is a factor.

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Answer by lo_mcg
Nobody knows what causes breast cancer. There are known risk factors (not causes), but caffeine isn’t one of them.

And breast cancer in young women is rare; fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed are under 30, only 5% are under 40 and most (50%) are over 50.

Age is the main risk factor for breast cancer, after being female.

The other risk factors (but remember they are only risk factors, not causes. Ticking one, some or even all of the boxes doen’t mean you will get breast cancer) are:

Heredity – this is rare; only 5 – 10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary

Having children at an older age or not at all. The more children a woman has may also slightly lower her risk. Breast-feeding helps protect against the disease. The longer a woman breast feeds her children, the more she lowers her risk.

Starting periods at a younger than average age (under 12) or having a late menopause (after 55)

Taking the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) causes a small increase in risk. However, the risk gradually returns to normal after you stop taking them.

Being overweight (especially after the menopause).

Regularly drinking more than 1 unit of alcohol per day slightly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Having a previous diagnosis of breast cancer increases the risk of developing a new cancer in the other breast.

Whether you agree or disagree, why not leave your own thoughts below.

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