A question from Eric: What does it mean to find three different types of cancer in one lymph node? (origin breast cancer)?
One of my relatives was initially diagnosed with breast cancer. She recently had three tumors removed from her breast but further tests showed there was cancer in one of her lymph nodes under her arm pit (which I understand can often happen if one has breast cancer)….however, further tests showed there were 3 different types of cancer cells in that one lymph node (so far it hasn’t been found anywhere else). What does this generally mean? She is 55years old.

I understand without knowing all the specifics it might be hard to give medical advice. But I am curious to know the prognosis that one can expect from this type of scenario.

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Answer by Denisedds
Your question is not really making sense. It would be helpful if you could name the cancers you are referring to. Do you mean 3 histologies? That would still be one cancer.

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