Question posed by Kay: What does it mean when breast cancer (level 1 tumor) has already gone into the bones?
I have a dear family member who went to the doctor because of a fall – turned out she fractured her pelvis – but in the course of investigating it, the doctor discovered lesions in the bones pretty much all over her body. Turns out she has a level 1 tumor in her breast and that the lesions in her bones are also breast cancer. For some reason, the doctors are NOT giving her a death sentence, but I have always heard that when a cancer spreads to the bones or another organ, then there is pretty much no hope. So, is there actually hope now?

The No 1 answer:

Answer by Lynda
You’d need to ask doctor for prognosis. Most likely the end is near. This is a time when people help each other, I’ve learned. If she’s at home, someone should always be there in case she needs transportation or someone around the house if she needs daily assistance or needs to put her affairs in order or needs to be taken to the hospital.

If you know better then please let us know below.

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