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Inflammatory breast cancer a/k/a IBC is in a class of its own when compared with any other type of breast cancer. IBC is in the dermal lymphatic system and is the most aggressive type of breast cancer. IBC is usually NOT detected in mammograms or ultrasounds as in most cases, there are no lumps; the cancer lies in sheets and nests. The symptoms can be what appears to be a mosquito bite or a rash that won’t go away with salves or creams. One breast that is one cup larger than the other, swelling , feverish breast, lymph node under arm are also symptoms. IBC is sometimes confused with mastitis which is a benign (non-cancerous) breast infection. The way to be an ibc survivor is through education! There are a myriad of long time ibc survivors. Although this is frightening when you read about it, no one wants to scare anyone; we just want to educate you by telling you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A LUMP TO HAVE BREAST CANCER and THERE IS MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF BREAST CANCER!
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