A question asked by Carmella: What is the cost of breast cancer treatment in the United States?
I am specifically looking for current per patient data.

The No 1 answer:

Answer by Spreedog
From http://www.businessgrouphealth.org/healthtopics/breast_cancer.cfm
* Breast cancer treatment costs nearly $ 7 billion a year in the United States.
* Almost $ 2 billion is spent on late-stage breast cancer treatment. When the cancer is found in the early stage, treatment is much less costly.

Also http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/119414384/abstract?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0

But if you want per patient information, that depends entirely on the stage and the treatment.
Some women with very early stage disease require only lumpectomy with no radiation or chemotherapy.
But for advanced disease, we can spend an absolute fortune fighting a breast cancer in one person with all of the new treatments available.
Some patients have even gone for bone marrow transplantation to allow for more aggressive chemotherapy.
It will also vary in different parts of the country – since you are asking about the USA.
It could vary from $ 10,000 to $ 500,000 or more.

If you just want a very rough guess – take $ 7 billion and divide by the expected cases of breast cancer in 2009 which is 194,280 by ACS data.
That comes to $ 36,000 per person with a breast cancer diagnosis. About half of these 194,280 are early stage disease.

Agree or disagree? Leave your own thoughts below.

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