A question from DANNYBOY: What is the survival rate for breast cancer?
A friend of my mom’s died of breast cancer a few days ago. If that weren’t bad enough, ANOTHER friend of my mom’s, who is also the mother of a friend of mine, recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. And its so sad because its Christmas time. That poor family has been through so much…

What is the survival rate for breast cancer? Does anyone have any statistics or percentages?

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Answer by J B
No one can give you numbers because of the different variables that are present with any diagnosis such as breast cancer. Was it found early, has it spread to the lymph nodes, are they going to do a lumpectomy or total masectomy, what kind of cancer cells are present. Will chemo or radiation be needed. All of these factors go into determining how to treat breast cancer so no one can give you a survival rate until she has been through all of this.

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