Question by Branndi Lewis: What steps are involved with breast cancer treatment?

Most comprehensive answer:

Answer by k.ray
If they have already done a mammogram and found cancer then they should send you for a MRI, that will show a better image and more details of what they are looking for.
Once that is done your Dr. will talk with you to see what is the best course of action for you. They may do a biopsy to see what stage it is in and depending on that they will make a recommendation if there is to be any surgery.
If there is surgery and depending on what stage the cancer is in, they will suggest chemotherapy and possible radiation.
They would at some point later do a PET scan to see if any cancer has spread to other parts of your body. They also do lots of blood work to see if there are any free radicals floating around.
If they do chemo, most likely they will give you a shot once a month
to make your bone marrow speed up production of red blood cells, and I think that made me more sick than the chemo.
I certainly hope you do not have this or know anyone who does.
I had stage 3 cancer and a bilateral mastectomy.
hope this helped. God bless.

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