Question posed by Jacque W: When your DR & your Radioligist disagree about Breast cancer treatment?
Put simply my mom has several doctors that have conflicting opinions. She has gotten 2nd opinions and none of the DR’s agree on anything. No body even says what stage it is. After 3 mamograms we knew something was up, but they had never said they thought it was cancer. They sent her for a biopsy ( as in the past) but this was not a needle, this was with a scalpel. They did ultra sound, and MRI. She went to a radiologist who said he could not do 8 weeks treatment because it was close to the heart. So her oncologist recomends masectomy. She called the Radioloigist back and told him the recomendation, he said he would not do it if it was him. He said MRI can be wrong, they are so sensitive. He would rather risk heart damage down the road.
Has anybody had to make the treatment decision on thier own, and should they tell her what stage she is in. The biopsy was positive on AUG 1. They say it might be 2 spots and might be in the lymh nodes.

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Answer by Doc8
Go with the oncologist and a mastectomy. The radiologist would enter late in the game, perhaps too late to avoid spread.

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