Does this about breast cancer make sense?

Question by : Does this about breast cancer make sense?
For years I’ve been wondering many things about breast cancer.

Why breast and not other cancers? I guess because most other cancers have an already identified “culprit” already:

Lung cancer= smoking and asbestos, among others

Cervical= HPV

Stomach= Helicobacter pylori

Also apparently some types are hereditary.

But regarding breast cancer there seems to not be a proven cause. At least not all scientists and doctors agree on the ones proposed. And it seems that maybe many more than one thing causes it. For example I was just surprised at finding out that the first breast cancers were already being described 1,600 years before the Christian era! And it appears to have been lack of proper hygiene in the Middle Ages which caused some breast cancers, which apparently were not that uncommon (even when most women lived short lives), because I have just seen three paintings of women w/ breast cancer done by renown artists in the middle ages!

Then on the other hand it has also been proven that post menopausal women get breast cancer because of an excess of estrogen, which mostly appears to be given in artificial form to combat the natural (and probably superfluous negative results) of aging.

Now, I also saw complete story on CBS’s 60 Minutes over a decade ago in which a female scientist who worked at company strongly believed that GLYCOL was a direct link to breast cancer!

I also read around that time that Asian women had very low incidence of breast cancer, but tended to develop it after living 10 years in the U.S.

I am thus against those complaining that much more attention and funds is given breast cancer studies. And furthermore believe this should be treated as a national medical emergency. I am not exaggerating. Simply because I could draw up a list here of even very young women who are already battleing. And by young I mean in their late 20′s and very early 30′s!

But my original question (which I almost forgot), is:

Shouldn’t science be concentrating more in studying every single thing about tissues in the breast? Simply because there must be something to these which make it more vulnerable to many type cancers?

Most detailed answer:

Answer by Skittles
nothing is ever CERTAIN to cause it. for example. someone who smokes all their life could still never get cancer. on the other hand someone who has never smoked in their life could get lung cancer.

breast cancer is hereditary but smoking has also been linked.

basically, it’s not completely understood (i mean all types). there is no single or guaranteed cause for it but things like smoking increase your chances.

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Questions about breast cancer treatment.?

A question asked by Nikki in PA: Questions about breast cancer treatment.?
A friend has been diagnosed with Stage 2 A breast cancer. Using the TNM system, it is classified as T1 N1 M0. She had a lumpectomy 3 weeks ago along with axillary lymph node dissection. The tumor was almost 2cm and there were 3 nodes that tested positive. The doctor is recommending chemo therapy and then radiate to follow that. Has anyone had cancer around this stage that can tell me about their treatment? How bad was the chemo? How long was the chemo? Etc.. Any and all answers appreciated.
So, if someone gets chemo every 3 weeks, they might get it multiple times within that week? Is this intravenous chemo? I’ve read up on something called dense-dose chemo therapy, where you get that every 2 weeks.. I’m really curious.
Also, what is the survival rate for this type of cancer? I know this is all vague details, since every cancer is so different, but I’ve known alot of people that have not survived cancer.. Is this something most people can survive?

My chosen answer:

Answer by Erika
I had breast cancer I just completed my treatment about a month and a half ago, I had a mastsctomy done and they also removed three lymph nodes also tested positive. My chemo treatment was six sessions three days out of the week but every 3 weeks followed by 36 session of radiation. Many people say that chemo is a very bad that you lose wait that you throw up all day that you cant eat, Icant tell you that all that is not true but what i will tell you is that i never went through none of that the only thing that i experienced was the last day of each session i had no flavor in my mouth felt tired but just for one day.I believe the reason is that i never seen chemo with fright i went in there letting the cancer cell that i was there to kill them as dumb as it sounds i would literaly talk to them and tell them YOU DONT BELONG IN MY BODY!! yea I know its dumb but hey it worked for me. I believe in the power of the mind if you believe that chemo will get you sick trust me IT WILL. The radiation you really dont feel anything you just lay there. After about 5 weeks the skin will get dark look at it as a very long day at the beach i do recommend to use alot i mean alot of aloe lotion at least 5 times a day they say three is enough but a little extra wont hurt. Other than that its nothing big. As for me the hardest part from chemo was the hair part but like me always making good out of something bad didnt think much of it. Use this time to play with different looks its fun. Hope I helped a little good luck to your friend everything will be fine. Remember that saying what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

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When it comes to breast cancer symptoms this video provides some great insights. – Dr. Sarah Burnett (Breast Cancer Survivor) talks about how Breastlight saved her life on a live Tv show with Breastlight nurse advisor Lieva Nation on Healthcare TV , show hosted by Lis Speight. Breastlight is a breast cancer screening device used commonly by most of the women to find early cancer symptoms and they can perform a self breast examination.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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Question about breast cancer treatment and working?

A question from VCL: Question about breast cancer treatment and working?
I am a nurse who works in a General surgery and Breast Clinic. I see patients before and after surgery, including patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Now, I find myself to be one of them. I am currently taking chemo for my breast cancer and will be losing my hair in the next couple of weeks. I think I am prepared for it. I’ve bought a wig and have a collection of caps, scarves and hats. At first, I planned on wearing my wig on the days I am working, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me that wigs can get pretty hot to wear, and with Spring here and Summer coming…. I have been re-thinking that decision. I will never go out in public with a bald head, but am planning on always wearing at least a cap. I am curious about what people really think about going in to see a doctor and have the nurse who checks you in wearing a cap or scarf to cover a bald head? Would you be concerned about having a “sick” nurse take care of you? One of my co-workers said she thought that my breast patients especially would probably really respect me. But on the other hand, if they are there to be told about a new diagnosis of breast cancer, would it make them feel worse to see a nurse and be reminded that they too, will loose their hair going through the chemotherapy?
Thanks for your time and thoughts to answer my question.

Top answer:

Answer by iceman
I dont think it would bother me at all..

Actually, if anything it would probably make you feel a little more at ease. Knowing that the person treating you knows exactly what you will be going through.

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Question about breast cancer?

Question by Cleopatra VII: Question about breast cancer?
What are the chances that a diagnosis about worst type of breast cancer can be proven wrong after the biopsy?
I forgot to say…I’m asking about a relative of mine, not me.
My aunt was clinically diagnosed and we are waiting for the biopsy results to come out…meanwhile I’m asking if I should prepare myself for the worst…

The best answer:

Answer by Susie Q
Usually a biopsy can show positive results when tested.
I had a biopsy when diagnosed with breast cancer.
Usually diagnose will not be told before biopsy is done & results come back.
They know what type of breast cancer is present with testing breast cancer.
I was diagnosed with Ductal Incarcinoma Insitu They knew what type it was.
Do not pay attention to any user who tells you to use nolvadex . They are trying to sell product They are not doctors
No don’t prepare your self for the worst .
The treatments they have for breast cancer today is amazing.
What type of breast cancer was she clinically diagnosed with.
If it has gone into her lymph nodes more treatment will be involved.
If she is early stages she has a very good chance of surviving.
A mammogram is used for breast cancer but biopsy usually tells all
My oncologist told me I had breast cancer for two years before being diagnosed.

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Take a look at this video about causes of breast cancer and then leave your thoughts below. With our Breast Cancer Kit, you will receive information on breast cancer – How to reduce your risk, early detection, and the latest treatments.
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A question asked by MadforMAC: Have you heard about the newly discovered breast cancer IBC?
This is a very aggessive cancer that is not like any other.

It is not a lump, it is a reddish rash or “insect bite” looking type of cancer. The breast can be hot to the touch, become enlarged and become quite itchy and uncomfortable.

If you have these symptoms, please see a doctor without delay.

This breast cancer strikes women of all ages. One victim was only 16 years old. Please tell all the women you know about this.

The No 1 answer:

Answer by greenstateresearcher

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I found this video about breast cancer symptoms recently and believe that you will find it informative. Breast cancer symptoms can vary because there are many types of breast cancer. Know which breast cancer symptoms you can see and feel, and which of them signal early stage or advanced breast cancer. Remember that not all lumps are symptoms of breast cancer.


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A question asked by HSF is Perfectly Imperfect: Why do some Pro-Lifers lie about abortion causing breast cancer?
Abortion doesn’t actually cause breast cancer or increase your risk of breast cancer. Women who abort lose out on a chance to reduce their risk of breast cancer, though.
When someone says “It’s just a fetus”, they are telling the truth. If you don’t care about it, since it is a fetus, it is just a fetus to you. :) People make that true.

No matter how I look at certain Pro-Life arguments, I can’t find any way they are true.

I’d rather tell the truth and argue against my personal opinion than lie and misinform women.

The top answer:

Answer by Ta-Zu (&Miku)
so it scares people into not having an abortion.

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Question posed by Jacque W: When your DR & your Radioligist disagree about Breast cancer treatment?
Put simply my mom has several doctors that have conflicting opinions. She has gotten 2nd opinions and none of the DR’s agree on anything. No body even says what stage it is. After 3 mamograms we knew something was up, but they had never said they thought it was cancer. They sent her for a biopsy ( as in the past) but this was not a needle, this was with a scalpel. They did ultra sound, and MRI. She went to a radiologist who said he could not do 8 weeks treatment because it was close to the heart. So her oncologist recomends masectomy. She called the Radioloigist back and told him the recomendation, he said he would not do it if it was him. He said MRI can be wrong, they are so sensitive. He would rather risk heart damage down the road.
Has anybody had to make the treatment decision on thier own, and should they tell her what stage she is in. The biopsy was positive on AUG 1. They say it might be 2 spots and might be in the lymh nodes.

Selected answer:

Answer by Doc8
Go with the oncologist and a mastectomy. The radiologist would enter late in the game, perhaps too late to avoid spread.

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