Breast Cancer – Main Symptoms

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breast cancer overview

I found this video about causes of breast cancer recently and believe that you will find it informative. Breast cancer definitions are disease that occurs due to abnormal growth in breast cells that attack the surrounding tissue


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Explaining breast cancer symptoms in a nutshell.

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A question asked by Mon: Is gray pus from the one breast a symptom of breast cancer?
My period is still no since Nov. 30. my breasts are painful and swelled. sometimes itchy. 4 days ago after shower, I found gray pus coming from the left and white (milk) coming from the other. What is this? I went to the doctor and he asked for mammogram and in the application form and under the signs and symptoms he wrote breast cancer!! I’m worried and can’t wait until the results come. Can anyone help and tell me what is that?
I’m 39 and can’t feel hard lump.

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Answer by bettyboop
He was ruling out breast cancer, that is why he wrote it. It’s possible that you have breast cancer, it might also be an infections of the glands. Good Luck to you.

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What are the initial symptoms of breast cancer?

Question posed by : What are the initial symptoms of breast cancer?

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How does breast cancer cause symptoms?

A question asked by lolo: How does breast cancer cause symptoms?
links please

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Answer by Memere RN/BA
No links, only personal experience. Breast cancer does not cause symptoms normally. I, on the other hand had terrible sharp pain and did a self check and found my tumors. Pain, as you will be told is not necessarily a symptom. Most do not have pain. Myself, 2 of my sisters and 2 of my nieces all had sharp pain in the breast with the tumors. That was the only symptom. This is why women need to have mammograms because there are not usually symptoms and without the mammograms or CT scans or any test, they may find out to late. That’s it in a nutshell.

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Of the huge number of videos available about types of breast cancer here is one which I particularly liked. – Prof. Rob Coleman explores various choices for treating advanced or secondary breast cancer and highlights treatments such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted biological therapies. This short film looks at the different types of advanced breast cancer, Hormone Sensitive, HER2-Positive and Triple Negative and shows how each type responds to drugs and treatment in different ways. He also explains that when choosing a breast cancer treatment quality of life for the patient is a priority and that treatments should be selected on the balance between benefits and side effects that the patient is prepared to accept.


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breast cancer
by Idhren

Question posed by SIMON B: NHS spend on testicular and prostate Cancer compared to Breast and cervical ?
Me and the wife were having a discussing about the relative nhs investment and mortality rates of male and female cancers (as she is a school nurse assistant). I maintain that male cancers (testicular / prostate) are not taken as seriously as female cancers (breast and cervical) and have less investment in them. Does anyone know if there is a disparity between the four cancers and why this is the case?

Please don’t cloud the issue by telling me that men suffer with breast cancer, I know!

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Answer by Verite R
This is a very interesting question, and when you get your answers would like it if you would post a comment on

Am writing this web site to help fellow breast cancer patients, as I have found many clinically trialled products that can help us deal with hormonal drug side effects, but doctors often don’t have time to discuss these.

When I was nicely taken to task by a male browser, who told me that men also suffer from side effects of hormonal drugs – dry skin, loss of sight, etc. So it now has a Men Only section!

Verite R

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Does this about breast cancer make sense?

Question by : Does this about breast cancer make sense?
For years I’ve been wondering many things about breast cancer.

Why breast and not other cancers? I guess because most other cancers have an already identified “culprit” already:

Lung cancer= smoking and asbestos, among others

Cervical= HPV

Stomach= Helicobacter pylori

Also apparently some types are hereditary.

But regarding breast cancer there seems to not be a proven cause. At least not all scientists and doctors agree on the ones proposed. And it seems that maybe many more than one thing causes it. For example I was just surprised at finding out that the first breast cancers were already being described 1,600 years before the Christian era! And it appears to have been lack of proper hygiene in the Middle Ages which caused some breast cancers, which apparently were not that uncommon (even when most women lived short lives), because I have just seen three paintings of women w/ breast cancer done by renown artists in the middle ages!

Then on the other hand it has also been proven that post menopausal women get breast cancer because of an excess of estrogen, which mostly appears to be given in artificial form to combat the natural (and probably superfluous negative results) of aging.

Now, I also saw complete story on CBS’s 60 Minutes over a decade ago in which a female scientist who worked at company strongly believed that GLYCOL was a direct link to breast cancer!

I also read around that time that Asian women had very low incidence of breast cancer, but tended to develop it after living 10 years in the U.S.

I am thus against those complaining that much more attention and funds is given breast cancer studies. And furthermore believe this should be treated as a national medical emergency. I am not exaggerating. Simply because I could draw up a list here of even very young women who are already battleing. And by young I mean in their late 20′s and very early 30′s!

But my original question (which I almost forgot), is:

Shouldn’t science be concentrating more in studying every single thing about tissues in the breast? Simply because there must be something to these which make it more vulnerable to many type cancers?

Most detailed answer:

Answer by Skittles
nothing is ever CERTAIN to cause it. for example. someone who smokes all their life could still never get cancer. on the other hand someone who has never smoked in their life could get lung cancer.

breast cancer is hereditary but smoking has also been linked.

basically, it’s not completely understood (i mean all types). there is no single or guaranteed cause for it but things like smoking increase your chances.

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Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A Cause of Breast Cancer?

Explaining causes of breast cancer in a nutshell.

Does secondhand smoke increase the risk of breast cancer? UCSF Professor of Medicine Robert Glantz explores the link between the chemicals in tobacco smoke which is involuntarily inhaled by nonsmokers and breast cancer. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [1/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 15570]
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