A question from Brittany: How do I check my breasts for lumps and earlier forms of breast cancer?
I’m only seventeen but breast cancer runs in the family so I really want to start checking early.
How often should I check?

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Answer by Part Time Mime
Post some pics and maybe I can help.

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Breast Cancer Information Is Important

Breast cancer usually happens when certain cells located in the breast start to grow out of control, taking over nearby tissue and spreading throughout the body. Large collections of this infected tissue are called “tumors”. Some tumors are not even thought to be cancer because they cannot spread throughout the body or threaten a person’s life. These kinds of tumors are called “benign tumors”.

The types of tumors that do spread throughout the body and invade the tissues around the breast are considered to be cancer and have been given the name “malignant tumors”. It is said that any type of tissue in the breast can form some type of cancer, but it mostly comes from either ducts or glands.

It can take months or even years for a tumor to get big enough for someone to actually feel it in their breast. Therefore, women are encouraged to be screened for tumors by a mammogram. Mammograms are designed to detect any type of disease before a person even begins to feel it.

Breast cancer is the most common “malignancy” that affects women in America and throughout Europe. The American Cancer Society anticipates about 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women will be diagnosed and that about 57,650 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be found (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer). The ACS also estimates that about 39,520 deaths from breast cancer (women) will occur. Breast cancer is the second highest cause, behind lung cancer, of cancer deaths among women in North America.

The types of risk factors for breast cancer are divided into two types: those you can’t change and those you can change. The factors associated with increasing your risk of breast cancer that your can’t change include: just being a woman, getting older, or having some type of family history or a relative with breast cancer. Other risk factors are having your menopause late, having children past the age of thirty, or contracting a genetic mutation that would somehow increase your risk.

Certain types of risk factors that you can change are: (1) avoiding hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which means that long term uses of estrogen for menopause symptoms does in fact slightly increase your risk, and (2) stopping the use of birth control pills, because it is noted that ten years following the cessation of The Pill, a woman’s risk of breast cancer reverts to what it would have been if she had not used this form of birth control.

However, neither of these risks are as significant as the ones that are associated with your gender, age, and family history.

All the factors are based on probabilities which means that a person without any of those mentioned is still subject to developing breast cancer and the best way to be sure is to get the proper screening and detection for breast cancer development.

The most important step for a woman to be aware of a tendency towards breast cancer is to schedule regular checkups, screenings and mammograms, learn how to perform her own exams, and also to acquire all the information she can about the subject. A woman should see her doctor regularly to schedule screenings and discuss this topic of breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

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A question asked by Sara: Is it possible to have breast cancer if your breasts are not fully developed?
Just wondering because one of my friends said something about feeling a bump in the middle of both of her breasts, so is this breast cancer, or nothing?


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Answer by Tammra K

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Of the huge number of videos available about breast cancer symptoms here is one which I particularly liked.

www.thefamilygp.com for more videos. Dr Chris Steele of www.thefamilygp.com demonstrates a breast examination on a live model. This shows how to check yourself for early signs of tumours, cysts and other symptoms of breast cancer. For more details see: www.thefamilygp.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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Question posed by Michelle: I get bad pimples on my breasts. Could this cause breast cancer?
I have always had ‘bad’ skin, but the acne and blackheads on my breasts seems to have become worse over the last couple of years. I am always checking my breasts to feel for lumps, and I have not found any as yet, but I am worried with me squeezing the pimples could cause cancer.
I do not have a history of breast cancer in my family.

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Answer by Annabelle
no it’s got nothing to do with cancer. it’s hormonal based….see a dermatologist, they can prescribe u meds to control ur hormones

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what causes breast cancer?

shanal0 asked:

i know this illness is a result of breaking DNA.
but i want to know what materials can make breasts cancer?or breaking DNA of breasts.

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Geogre asked:

My mom only gets checked once a year for breast cancer, that is why I am concerned for her.

She does not have breast cancer, but she’s 57, going to be 58. I am concerned about her, she eats right, she has gotten checked for years, and she has no signs of breast cancer.

She told me she examines herself for bumps, lumps, odd discharges, and abnormalities of her breasts.

She has found no signs, but I was concerned because my mom only gets checked out ONCE a year.

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Should I be afraid of having Breast Cancer?

Susan B asked:

I know that you can tell if you have breast cancer if you feel a lump in your breast. But I have lots of lumps. Is that just the tissue underneath? I don’t know how its supposed to feel, I don’t go around feeling everyone’s *****. What are healthy breasts supposed to feel like? I’m only 17, isn’t more common in older women?

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For every woman, it is important to become Breast Aware. You need to know what’s normal for your breasts and what’s not normal, only by understanding this, are you able to determine what you should be seeking medical advice for and what is normal for you. It is important to check, feel and examine your own breasts regularly and discuss any unusual changes or problems with your medical practitioner as soon as possible, early diagnosis of Breast Cancer is vital.

How should you examine your breasts?

Most methods of self exam, require you to stand in front of a mirror, with the whole upper torso exposed, allowing a good view of the breasts. Look for visual signs of redness, swelling and dimpling Repeat this visual check in different positions, hands on hip position, and hands raised high above head. Next you should use the tips of your fingers (most sensitive area on hands) to thoroughly examine the breast (palpate), by pressing down firmly and looking for lumps or tenderness. Whatever pattern you use, ensure it covers all areas of the breast. Repeat this examination once lying down and once standing up. Lastly, for women who are NOT breastfeeding, gently squeeze the nipple area to check for any discharge.

What changes should you be aware of?

The nipple, has it changed direction, flattened or inverted? Has your nipple changed shape? Are there are changes around or on the nipple, rash, crusted or flaky skin? Has the breast size or shape on one breast changed recently? Has there been any changes o the skin of the breast, dimpling or reddening? Has the skin on the breast gone like orange peel, with large open pores? Have you any swelling in or around the breasts or armpit area? Any lumps of any size or any changes to the texture feel of the breasts? Do you have constant pain in your breast or armpit?

The 5 point Breast Awareness Code:

Know what is normal for you. Know what changes to look for. Look and feel. Discuss any changes with your GP without delay. Attend for routine breast screening if you are aged between 50 and 64.

Early diagnosis of Breast Cancer increases your chances of surviving it…

Be Smart Be Breast Aware.

By: Rob Foley

About the Author:
For further information on Breast Awareness, please take time to visit Best4Breast Breast Awareness

R. Foley is a consultant with over ten years experience. He has set up http://www.best4breast.com to help and offer advice on all matters relating to Breast Enhancement. Please take time to visit his website to explore different options available to you.

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Wat r the symptoms of breast cancer?

Ashika asked:

Im 14 and im not sure if i have it or not cause my breasts pain mayb it cud b bcoz im growin.

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