Question by Txlonestargal’s Page 1: Looking for information on Breast Cancer Treatment from the 1900′s to the present for a Girl Scout Badge.?
I really need sources on where to find information about Breast Cancer Treatment from the 1900′s to the present. We are doing a Camp for the Cure and part of the badge work for “In the Pink” says to share the information about treatments from the 1900′s to the present. We are making poster for the local Race for the Cure in October. I really need some kind of information. My web searches have come up with little especially for the 1900′s. Most refer me to medical journals which you have to be a medical professional and pay for the subscription online.

Really need the medical treatments. I know the patient’s first hand experience is great for them to know, but we have ladies coming in to talk to them about this part of the treatments. We need more of a timeline on the progress of treatment from the 1900′s to the present.
All the information that is on the Girl Scout Studio 2B is at my finger tips all the time since I am serving as an Adult volunteer for a Camp Events Committee for the local council. I have already Googled and have most of the sites suggested bookmarked. I was trying to find something new. What was the technology, resources, and if they didn’t know exactly what it was what did they do in the 1900′s?

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Answer by Verite R
Good luck with your project.

If you go to you will find a lot of information written by patients about the day-to-day treatments they have from 2000 – 2009. This covers what they feel and experience, rather than the official medical writing!

|Hope it might help a little.

Verite R

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Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Design

I you are looking for information about breast cancer then I have little doubt that you will find this video especially useful.

For more information on breast cancer awareness and how you can help, please visit these sites: Here are the products used and where to find them: Wet ‘n’ Wild- Flirty Rose Available at any drugstore Cina- White Pen Cina- Nail Rhinestones Cina Pink Nail Pen Cina Top Coat The pens were provided for consideration. This does not change my opinion of them. If you do not own all the products used in the video, feel free to use any similar items from your current collection.


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Question posed by Billi Jo: What is the effectiveness of Chemotherapy as a Breast Cancer treatment?
My mom was recently diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma which has spread into the lymph nodes, stage 2A breast cancer. Her treatment option is Chemotherapy, Surgery, AND then Radiation. She is convinced that the chemo will kill her, not the cancer. Do you regret you decision to use Chemo as a cancer treatment? If you refused this treatment, how do you feel about that decision now? I need answers from people who have used chemo as a cancer treatment. People with personal experiences with the treatment, not medical facts! I have read everything I can find on Chemo so, in order to help her make an educated decision I need to be able to tell her about personal experiences, since the statistics and side effects have convinced her against this treatment. She has canceled her appointment to have the port put in, in order to start Chemo, once already.

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Answer by lo_mcg
I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer almost seven years ago; it had spread to 13 lymph nodes and was grade 3.

I had surgery, then chemotherapy, then radiotherapy.

I felt much as your mum does; I didn’t want chemotherapy, and in fact explored and even dabbled with ‘alternative treatment’ (I put that in inverted commas because I now know that no ‘alternative treatment has been proven to have been effective against cancer in a single case, ever).

So what I did then was find out, by asking my oncologist, by what percentage chemotherapy would increase my survival chances. In my case it was significant; I know some other women for whom it was lower who decided against chemotherapy.

So I had chemo. No, I don’t regret it. I am fit and well with no sign of cancer at my last (and final) routine check up, and I had a clear mammogram last month.

Chemo is rough, there’s no getting away from it – though people’s individual reactions vary. But the stories of people dying from chemo rather than cancer are untrue.

Sometimes people get hold of ideas like that because with most cancers there are few ill effects if any until the cancer is quite advanced, and a person with an aggressive and advanced cancer usually looks, feels and behaves like a healthy person.

Then if they have chemotherapy side effects of the drugs can make them ill, sometimes very ill and frail, while treatment is taking place.

So some people conclude that the treatment is worse than the disease, and myths about people being killed by chemo bolster this belief.

It isn’t always effective. But in those cases it is the cancer, not the treatment, that kills the patient – they have died in spite of treatment, not because of it. Distressed relatives sometimes look for something or someone to blame, and some conclude that it was the treatment that killed the person.

With some types of chemotherapy, and in some cancers, there is a very slightly increased chance of developing a second type of cancer later.

Generally this is more likely to happen when the original cancer was a lymphoma, but it can happen very occasionally with other types of cancer.

Fortunately this very serious long-term effect is VERY RARE. But yes it happens, and yes very occasionally someone dies as a result.

There is more to my chemo story. I was scheduled to have 6 sessions; I made the decision to discontinue chemo for my breast cancer after the fourth of the six r sessions, because of the severe depression that was my main side effect. My breast care nurse was surprised – she had believed I would discontinue it after the first session, so great had been my anxiety and my resistance to having chemo.

My oncologist supported my decision to discontinue; he said that the depression might cause more harm than the chemo would do good. He was satisfied that I had had three months of aggressive chemotherapy, and mentioned that some cancer doctors feel four sessions is sufficient, with the final two being ‘belt and braces’.

I strongly recommend that your mum visits these two sites; as well as a lot of info on breast cancer, and professionals who can answer your questions, they both have forums where your mum (and you, both have a relative and friends forum) can talk to people who are or have been in the same situation as she is, or just read posts if she doesn’t want to contribute. I don’t know what I would have done without online support forums in those dark days following diagnosis.

My best wishes to your mum for her treatment – and to you; it’s very hard watching someone you love go through this.

Whether you agree or disagree, why not leave your own thoughts below.

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If, like me, you are passionate about the whole subject of breast cancer treatment then I am sure you will find this video to be well worth watching. If so, please leave a comment!

Academic Staff Highlight Series


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One video makers view of breast cancer treatment. Whether you agree or disagree with this view, why not leave a brief comment and let us know exactly what you think.

Follow three patients at various stages of breast cancer treatment — surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. See how the team of cancer specialists from the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania work to give each woman a fighting chance against this disease. Learn more about the Abramson Cancer Center: Originally aired May 2004.


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What is the survival rate for breast cancer?

A question from DANNYBOY: What is the survival rate for breast cancer?
A friend of my mom’s died of breast cancer a few days ago. If that weren’t bad enough, ANOTHER friend of my mom’s, who is also the mother of a friend of mine, recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. And its so sad because its Christmas time. That poor family has been through so much…

What is the survival rate for breast cancer? Does anyone have any statistics or percentages?

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Answer by J B
No one can give you numbers because of the different variables that are present with any diagnosis such as breast cancer. Was it found early, has it spread to the lymph nodes, are they going to do a lumpectomy or total masectomy, what kind of cancer cells are present. Will chemo or radiation be needed. All of these factors go into determining how to treat breast cancer so no one can give you a survival rate until she has been through all of this.

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Question by Believe me: Will Anti-perspirant and Deodorant will cause breast cancer in the long run?
Maybe you’ve seen this in an email or question:

Have you heard anything about this? If not please becareful about using too much of that stuff, especially anti-pers. It’s totally unnatural to let your body stop sweating. I stop using any of anti-pers/deodorant few years ago and I never smell. Think about the old days when there was no such thing how did our ancestors do with them deodorant/anti-pers. If you need to use go buy the natural deodorant from health store but never use anti-pers. Any feedback is welcome.
PracticalWizard: That’s because your body needs to sweat and you’re trying to stop it by using man made chemical garbage. Let your body do it’s thing. Go get deodorant but not anti-pers. Get the natural kind. Like I said I don’t need it and I never smell and no ones knows that I don’t use any.
Janice: Oh yes! I have all kinds of friends and we talk about this they were all surprised to know that I dont’ use any. This one friend with sensitive nose still couldn’t tell that I dont’ use any. He was shocked that when I told him I didn’t use any.
Erin: Our armpits are sensitive and very close to the lymph nodes and it perspires hormones more so than other body area that I know of. So obviously it can cause more damage.

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Answer by Laura

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is my breast cancer essay good?

A question asked by rsrv0216: is my breast cancer essay good?
Many men and women suffer from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a hereditary disease in which cells divide in an uncontrollably way in the breast. Men are less likely to get it than women. In fact every women is in risk of this disease.

One of the things that can cause this disease is having an early menstruation. Having a member of the family with this disease can cause breast cancer as well. Another cause of this disease is growing older. You might want to check your diet closely because having a high fat diet causes cancer too.

There are many preventions to breast cancer like eating healthy food or exercising. Having a mammogram can’t prevent it but if you do this every year the doctors can detect if you have breast cancer at an early time which is good. You can also prevent breast cancer by avoiding alcohol. Also every time you buy deodorant check that it is aluminum-free. Remember that even tough you do all this things you still have a minor risk of getting breast cancer.

The treatments for breast cancer are many but they depend on how bad the patient is. One of the most common is the chemotherapy. Radiation is a common treatment too.

Remember breast cancer can be very harmful or it can be almost nothing but it is important for you to know the causes preventions and treatments of it. Just remember to have a healthy life and you might survive!
should i change something?
sorry its soo long

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Answer by AZ122
very good but if it is supposed to be a five paragraph essay not just an essay about it, try making the paragraphs more equal. especially the last two. They have the ideas needed in a paragrpah, just elaborate more.

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Ellen on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you are looking for a video about breast cancer symptoms then look no further because below you will find a great video I ran across just the other day.

Breast cancer awareness is very important to Ellen. During her monologue, she talked about how it has affected her life, and what women need to be doing to protect themselves.


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A question from Blondie: Is it possible to get breast cancer at 14? What are the symptoms?
I have been having pain in my left breast & think I have felt bumps before. What are other symptoms?

No 1 answer:

Answer by SJS
I wouldn’t immediately jump to that conclusion. It is possible, but hormones can make them ache, especialy during your period, or if you were somehow pregnant. But see a doc if you want to be sure. It can never hurt, right?

If you know better then please let us know below.

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