A question asked by WhisperedCandle: Can cellulitis in the breast cause breast cancer?
I think I might have cellulitis in my right breast. There was a pimple (which I have never experienced in this area before) and now the area is very hard, tender, and swollen. It is about the size of a golf ball. I don’t have medical insurance right now and I don’t believe I can afford to go see a doctor. But I plan on going anyhow later this week…

Thank you for any help you can give me! :)

The No 1 answer:

Answer by jjak2001
You need to see a doctor. It doesn’t sound like breast cancer, but if you have cellulitis, you need to be on antibiotics or it will get worse. There are free clinics around, you can go to one if your worried about the cost. Call your local emergency room and they can probably direct you. Good luck.

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A question asked by secret: plastic was in my soup! how much plastic can i eat before it cause breast cancer.?
i was eating soup from a restaurant and ate some pieces and it was hard didn’t think much of it. then i found a big piece of plastic about a inch wide. its probably really bad because the chemicals from the plastic melted in the soup as well id imagine. i think it is from the packaging when the made it or something feel in it. how much of the plastic chemical do you need to eat before it causes breast cancer? i herd melted plastic causes breast cancer.

My chosen answer:

Answer by ray m
its not the plastic being a one time things its the summation of all the carcinogins that are adding up in your system that is the real issue the plastic wont help

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Can wearing a bra constantly cause breast cancer?

Question posed by Andrea H: Can wearing a bra constantly cause breast cancer?
I just read that this could happen – and it’s kind of disconcerting considering I wear a bra all the time, even to bed.
Does anyone know if it’s true or if it’s just hogwash?
If it is true then why does it occur?
Not to mean that I wear the SAME BRA all the time – I was just wondering about the breast cancer thing.

Best answer:

Answer by Tara662
Not true about the breast cancer.

Wearing the same bra constantly, then to bed is bad hygiene.

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Take a look at one aspect of causes of breast cancer through the eyes of this video maker.

Visit Us: www.FundRaisingForACause.com Follow Us On Twitter http Fundraising for a Cause was developed to help people raise money for causes. In 2006, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided to sign up for the Susan G. Komen 3 day Walk and realized that I had to raise 00 just to walk. I saw how many people struggled to raise their money. I thought here you have all these wonderful people who are willing to walk 60 miles and they are getting so down and depressed because they cant raise the funds to participate in the walk. I came up with the idea of simply buying items and reselling them, people could raise money and not feel guilty about asking people for donations. If I can help just 10 people in 14 cities raise their 00, that would be over 0000 for breast cancer research. We have since expanded our company to include other causes. We hope to continually add causes and merchandise to help you raise money for the different causes that have touched your heart. I hope this video inspires you to try my fundraising technique and ultimately raise lots of money for your cause! Together we can make a difference!
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Question posed by Sonia M: Is it true that drinking water from plastic bottles left in the car may cause breast cancer?
I heard chemicals are produced in plastic water bottles after being left in the heat of your car, and drinking this water may cause breast cancer.

Selected answer:

Answer by mia2kl2002
No this is not true.

Check snopes.com

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Question posed by varias78: do seatbelts cause breast cancer after a high impact accident?
my co-worker just had a bad car accident yesterday morning. she called in this morning to let us know how she was feeling. she said that her doctor would like for her to get a mammogram because seatbelts may cause breast cancer. I have never heard of this in the past. is the doctor correct in letting her know this?

No 1 answer:

Answer by michele
Absolutely not.

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The other day I ran across this video about causes of breast cancer which I think you will probably find of interest.

NOMINATED AS BEST SHORT FILM OF THE BREAST FEST BREAST CANCER FILM FESTIVAL 2010! Make this film a winner. Vote this film THE BEST of Breast Fest! Voting Open September 15-October 15, 2010 www.breastfestfilmfest.com Each year more than 1300000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer world wide. “Why are all of these women getting breast cancer?” Our best hope for curing, and preventing breast cancer is to complete the research on the mouse mammary tumor virus. www.breasthealthandhealing.org


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Question by Meeeeee!: Is it true that if you wear a bra while your sleeping it will cause breast cancer?
I usually wear cotton comfy bras. They don’t have the metal thing at the bottom of the bra. So is it true that it will cause breast cancer? I’m 14 and i would like to know. Thanks

Most comprehensive answer:

Answer by ?Rose?
Not true at all!

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Can a physical attack cause breast cancer?

A question from Galactaboy: Can a physical attack cause breast cancer?
My girlfriend and I were play fighting and I accidently hit in her right breast. I didnt think I hit her that hard but then the next day she said that she felt a small hard bump around that area and it looked slightly bruised. I’m praying that it’s just small bruise that will go away in a couple of days, but I’m really worried. Can this cause complications or even lead to breast cancer in the future?

No 1 answer:

Answer by mlgable
No that does not cause cancer. If she has a breast lump though she needs to get it checked by the doc.

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Question posed by Tiffers: can any birth control cause breast cancer cause i read that you should not take it if you have a risk of it?
it reads on the things like you shouldnt take it if you have a risk of getting breast cancer ? why does it say that then >?

Most detailed answer:

Answer by doodlebuttus
There are certain types of breast cancer that put you at a greater risk.

My mom has breast cancer, and it is an aggressive, estrogen-fed cancer. It puts me at a greatly increased risk, as it may have been the hereditary type. That means I have to avoid any estrogen birth control because I am at a greatly increased risk of developing breast cancer. Women with the BRCA1 mutation (a hereditary risk factor) have a 20% increase in breast cancer when using estrogen birth control.

Since we don’t know what breast cancer my mom had, I have to avoid it to be safe.

I hope that made sense.

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