Question by K D: Can using a wireless laptop cause breast cancer?
I’ve heard a bit about this but don’t know if it’s just one of those myths however I use a wireless laptop on the net daily and often have the laptop up on my chest when in bed so could this cause breast cancer? Dumb question probably but a friend is adament it can and now I’m starting to worry.

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Answer by InsideR
It might, but as of yet there has been no science (that I am aware of) to back that up.

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Explaining causes of breast cancer in a nutshell.

Cause H20 Shaw Interview Established in 2008, CAUSE H2O Beverages Inc. is an Alberta based company created to give busy individuals an opportunity to contribute to the community through the premium beverage marketplace. CAUSE H2O is based on the idea that all choices, even buying a beverage can have positive impact. Our vision is to be the leader in providing high quality beverage products that promote a healthy lifestyle, a sense of community and social responsibility. The concept and goal for each product is to raise awareness and financial support for different community causes. We aim to be a constant presence in the community by building relationships with our customers and our partners. The first product that weve launched is premium spring water, and we have committed to donating 100% of the net proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Prairies/NWT Region. Our spring water has been gaining ground in local cafes, yoga studios and hotels and we are excited to see where else CAUSE H2O takes us. We also look forward to launching more products and seeing if we can all put our money where our mouths are. Support the Cause.


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A question from FluffyPanda: Can effective Breast Enlargement pills cause breast cancer?
I started taking Bust-Boom recently. Less than a week and I already notice a huge difference in my breast size. They use phytoestrogens to increase estrogen to stimulate new breast cell growth. I’ve read that phytoestrogen may reduce the chance of breast cancer but I’ve also read that elevated levels of estrogen can encourage breast cancer cells. Does anyone know more about this? If you do, can you provide references?


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Answer by Lauren
Do you want links? Please do research this thoroughly before continuing with a product you have bought for yourself. Best of luck.

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Question by ashleigh2501: National Breast Cancer Month,How are you contributing or donating to the cause?
Some people donate and contribute in diffrent ways. Whether its a monatary donation or a walk for the cure, everybody can do a small part to help such a devastating illness. If you know someone that have breast cancer, kind words or calling frequently to check up on them to see how they are doing is doing a big part, of helping women or even men because they get breast cancer to, but mostly women to fight breast cancer. They need encouragment to know that somebodys in their corner helping and cheering them on, as they agree to fight this instead of giving up. Dealing with any illness is tiring. But with encouragment and caring, we can help these women beat this illness and get on with their lives.

Selected answer:

Answer by Panda
I already feel that breast cancer has enough research, donations, and attention devoted to the disease. I certainly do not wish this disease on anyone, but truthfully I have a son with a childhood cancer which receives no research funding at all. He has been battling his disease for two years and there are no more treatment options for him, not because he is too sick . . but because there is no funding and no research. His life is at risk directly because of that lack of research. And, unfortunately, the reality is because other cancers, such as breast cancer, have already taken from the public those research dollars that might have been used for sarcoma or other cancers.

I wish no ill on anyone . . but I feel that the current empasis on breast cancer is starting to harm other types of cancer research . . young adults with sarcoma are dying. they do not have access to support, or ribbons, or the public eye because they die before anyone can organize anything.

That is the reality that we face, so I cannot ‘support’ a breast cancer month as long as their are inequalities in funding research. I do support and wish only the best to those women fighting breast cancer as individuals . .I just won’t financially support an organization that I feel is beginning to harm other types of cancer research.

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Question posed by Darcee: Can antibiotics cause breast cancer when used long term?
I’ve read that there is a connection between the use of antibiotics and breast cancer.

No 1 answer:

Answer by Henry W
antibiotics have no carcinogens (chemical that can cause gene mutation and cancer) so its not possible they can cause cancer in themselves. however prolonged use can cause your immune system to become too used to having antibiotics do the work and so become weak meaning your body is less able to combat free radicals in the body and viruses that can cause cancer.

my advice: use antibiotics if you need too and use them for the duration of the course. but don’t take them if you don’t need to. consult your doctor and ask him about this.

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Question posed by Storm: Can wearing a bra cause breast cancer when your YOUNG?
Im 13 and i sleep in my bra most of the time but people tell me not to because it causes breast cancer. My grandma said it didnt but my aunt told me it did so i re searched it. It says it can but what if i only do it when im young? or if i sleep in one thats a sports bra or one without wire?

My chosen answer:

Answer by la_chica_loca989
nope it doesnt do anything

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Question posed by bluekitty: If antiperspirant/deodorant cause cancer why does it cause breast cancer?
Why doesn’t it cause “armpit cancer”? Or skin cancer? And, why would the inhibited sweat which supposedly collects in you lymph nodes if you wear antiperspirant cause breast cancer when the lymph nodes can spread the cancer to any part of your part. Since when has antiperspirate ever prevented your breast from sweating?

Most comprehensive answer:

Answer by LYNN W
That is just a myth. There is no evidence that it causes cancer.

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Question posed by Michelle: I get bad pimples on my breasts. Could this cause breast cancer?
I have always had ‘bad’ skin, but the acne and blackheads on my breasts seems to have become worse over the last couple of years. I am always checking my breasts to feel for lumps, and I have not found any as yet, but I am worried with me squeezing the pimples could cause cancer.
I do not have a history of breast cancer in my family.

Chosen answer:

Answer by Annabelle
no it’s got nothing to do with cancer. it’s hormonal based….see a dermatologist, they can prescribe u meds to control ur hormones

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