Question by ExpertTechAnswers: Does the spray on kind of deodorant cause cancer? If it does, what kind of cancer?
I’ve heard that certain types on deodorants and maybe their ingredients cause cancer. When I researched this topic, it said that it would only cause breast cancer. If thats not the only cancer it can cause, what other cancers can it cause?

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Answer by bandit
It depends on what kind of ingredients that your deodorant spray has…

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Question by Believe me: Will Anti-perspirant and Deodorant will cause breast cancer in the long run?
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Have you heard anything about this? If not please becareful about using too much of that stuff, especially anti-pers. It’s totally unnatural to let your body stop sweating. I stop using any of anti-pers/deodorant few years ago and I never smell. Think about the old days when there was no such thing how did our ancestors do with them deodorant/anti-pers. If you need to use go buy the natural deodorant from health store but never use anti-pers. Any feedback is welcome.
PracticalWizard: That’s because your body needs to sweat and you’re trying to stop it by using man made chemical garbage. Let your body do it’s thing. Go get deodorant but not anti-pers. Get the natural kind. Like I said I don’t need it and I never smell and no ones knows that I don’t use any.
Janice: Oh yes! I have all kinds of friends and we talk about this they were all surprised to know that I dont’ use any. This one friend with sensitive nose still couldn’t tell that I dont’ use any. He was shocked that when I told him I didn’t use any.
Erin: Our armpits are sensitive and very close to the lymph nodes and it perspires hormones more so than other body area that I know of. So obviously it can cause more damage.

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Answer by Laura

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