A question from unknown: What is the difference between Breast Cancer and Breast Cyst?
I have known for a while that I have 3 cyst in my breast. But I don’t know if its some type of breast cancer or what. I have done some research and I come up with nothing. I know I need to go back to the doctor, but I just don’t want to be told I have breast cancer. I’m only 21, married and have the most beautiful daughter in world. I know if it is really serious like breast cancer everyone will treat me different. I wont tell them but I know my hubby will.

So help me out ppl. What is the difference between breast cancer and breast cyst.

Thanks everyone!!!

The No 1 answer:

Answer by Twiliight <3
Cancer can spread. Cysts cannot. Best bet would be to confirm with your doctor.

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Question by annettes7171: What is the difference in inflammatory breast cancer and invasive breast cancer?
Or is it the same thing because I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and while looking up info I keep seeing inflammatory and I just am wondering if its the same thing or not.

The top answer:

Answer by lesley w
yes they the both mean spreading. good luck to you with your treatment

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A question from Foolish Soul: What is the difference between breast cancer and breast tissue cancer?
What is the difference apart from the location (do not include the symptoms)
What are the possible rates for a 15 year old to get breast cancer and a 15 year old to get breast tissue cancer?

I really need to know if my friend is lying to me, I only found out yesterday the she had it.

My chosen answer:

Answer by .
Cancer in the breast is cancer of the breast tissue. One and the same thing.

A 15 year old can get breast cancer, but it is not very likely.

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